Why Smart Content Overview

Show Known Visitors That You Truly Know Them

Once visitors trust you enough to give an email address, they become aware of the data you have about them — and expect to see a more relevant experience based on the information they’ve given you.

From your interactions with a known visitor, you can customize their experience with your website by reiterating touch points you know have worked and highlighting messaging that’s appropriate for their interests.

Serve content appropriate to a prospect’s industry

Oftentimes, a prospect’s industry is the strongest indicator of how they want to use your product and what differentiators will help them make their purchase decision.

Based on their industry, you can personalize the site with the products and value propositions most relevant to the specific prospect, reinforcing that your product is a good fit for them.

Help prospects find the right resources for their stage

As prospects move along in their buyer’s journey, new questions come up at every stage. In the beginning, prospects may be looking for introductory content, like overview videos. Later in the buying process, they might want specific examples of how similar companies have used your products.

By personalizing your site to show them the right content for their stage, you ensure that prospects find the answer to their questions so they can move to the next stage in their journey

Reinforce messaging that worked in other channels

Known visitors will likely engage with you on a variety of platforms — they might click a display ad with a timely offer, an email highlighting specific benefits, or a social post showcasing content that’s highly relevant to them. In each of these cases, they’re leaving a series of breadcrumbs to let you know what they care about most.  

On future visits, you can highlight the messaging, offers or benefits, that prospect has already shown interest in to create a connected experience that resonates with them.

Remind registrants about webinars and events

Buyers in all industries juggle busy schedules and complex obligations — and webinars or events are an opportunity to connect with a prospect in real-time to cut through the clutter. Once a prospect has signed up for a webinar, make sure they attend by reminding them about the event when they visit your site.

More than that, when a prospect registers for a webinar or event, they’re giving you a strong clue about their specific interest with your product. After the webinar, build off of this understanding by offering relevant follow-up messages on your site.

Continue nurturing customers after the sale

When a prospect becomes a customer, it is hopefully the beginning of a long, loyal relationship. At this stage, their interests shift from evaluating a possible solution to getting value from something they’ve purchased.

You can continue to serve customers in this stage by highlighting relevant training and educational content to help them meet those goals. Down the line, you can also showcase cross-sell or upsell opportunities that are appropriate for their engagement with you.