Technology Customers Increase Content Consumption by 40%

Technology leaders use Get Smart Content to improve website engagement and conversion.

As the marketing technology stack continues to grow and evolve, it’s critical that all your technology platforms work well together and scale. Get Smart Content was built with integration in mind, allowing technology marketers to continue to push the boundaries of demand generation and digital marketing.

One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work

Get Smart Content uses native behavioral data coupled with the profile data you’re collecting today to identify your website audience, whether known or anonymous, to serve the relevant content that converts prospects into customers.

Here are some examples of how technology marketers are personalizing their website experiences today.

Segment your audience to present upgrade offers to existing customers

Use location data to invite customers and prospects to events in their area

Tailor your content based on the site that referred the prospect to your website

Accelerate a prospect through the buyer's journey based on sales stage

“Being more targeted has significantly increased the likelihood of our customers purchasing additional software and services to meet their needs. In effect, we are able to leverage to engage customers and prospects to the fullest extent.”

- Frank Barry, Director of Digital Marketing, Blackbaud