Our Manufacturing Customers Increase Engagement by 30%

Get Smart Content is used by the leading global manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing companies often have multiple products and content-heavy websites that can be overwhelming for visitors. Our customers have proven time and again that personalization is critical to creating the best experiences that drive revenue.

One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work

Manufacturing companies often develop industry-specific products. Using website personalization, manufacturing marketers can help prospects cut the noise and only receive the relevant industry information they need to drive conversion.

Here are some examples of how manufacturing marketers are personalizing their website experiences today.

Segment visitors by industry to get the right message in front of them right away

Use behavioral data to determine product interest and serve the most relevant content

Use customer data to understand what products have already been purchased in order to present new solutions

Use location data to provide prospective buyers with the best resellers in the area

"Get Smart Content is the connector that ties all our marketing data together and transformed our website from a static repository of content to a nurturing engine. It's a key part of how we're thinking about our marketing stack and how we accelerate prospects through the funnel."

Neil Rongstad, General Manager, Marketing Demand Center
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