Personalization is Critical to Your Success

Every great customer interaction starts with the right data.

We know that building a thoughtful personalization strategy requires a deep understanding of your audience. Our connections to best in class marketing platforms provides a comprehensive look at your audience and the actionable insight you need to drive website conversion.

Top Features


Deepest segmentation in the industry based on behavioral, firmographic, demographic and 3rd party data


Out-of-the-box connections to the leading marketing platforms that you use today

A/B Testing

Easy-to-use testing capabilities that allow you to optimize conversion without overthinking it

Campaign Editor

Visual campaign editor to easily develop campaigns including in-line content, banners, fly-ins and modals


Insights that help you better understand your audience and what they care about


Analytics dashboard to measure success and see opportunities for improvement


Our Customers See Immediate Impact

On average, when website visitors see targeted content, you can expect a:


Increase in form submissions


Increase in time on site


Decrease in bounce rate

What Sets Us Apart

Most comprehensive set of out-of-the-box connections to marketing platforms you use today

Focus and deep expertise with B2B businesses, especially in the midmarket and enterprise

Partnerships with leading B2B companies such as Oracle, Linkedin and Bombora

Leading services organization with years of experience providing personalization strategy and campaign implementation

The leading marketing organizations use Get Smart Content to drive personalization on their websites

"When you make marketing technology investments to collect data about prospects and customers, you have an obligation to provide personalized content to them."

- Glenn Gow, CEO, Crimson Marketing