Your Partners in Personalization

We’re here by your side to help make your personalization strategy a reality.

Since 2012, Get Smart Content has been helping leading marketing organizations solve their business challenges. Our platform allows marketers to understand a website visitor’s and create the best end-to-end experiences for them – increasing website engagement, converting leads, and maintaining customers. Our managed services team works hand in hand with customers to understand their needs, develop winning strategies, and drive meaningful results.

Get Smart Content’s Managed Services Include:

Strategic Reporting

Content effectiveness, audience analysis, site performance, conversion metrics and data sources

Campaign Development

A/B testing set-up, technical oversight, performance monitoring

Strategy Planning

Segment development, content identification, personalization best practices, customized pathway to digital maturity

Program Optimization

Monthly reporting and discussion, KPI measurement, new segment recommendations, performance tweaks, seasonality reports, ongoing training and education

Onboarding and Training

Intial data integration, team training, benchmarks and reporting, campaign creation

"The support I get from Get Smart Content is incredible and will allow me to be as progressive as I can be with our website."

Kylie Boring, Director of Marketing
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