The Personalization Platform for Marketers

Using behavioral, demographic, and firmographic data, our platform creates personalized web experiences by allowing marketers to identify a website visitor’s intent and characteristics and serve relevant content based on the visitor’s stage in the buying journey. The end result — qualified prospects and customers empowered with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.


Your marketing platforms are more than tools to create automation — they are rich data sources that drive your personalization strategy.

Our Connections are live within minutes, without IT involvement, and allow you to target on the data points that align to your buyer’s journey. We partner with industry-leading platforms, such as Eloqua, Demandbase, BlueKai, and more to create an integrated personalization solution that spans all of your marketing investments and allows you to act on the data you’ve worked so hard to collect.

Smart Content

Enhance your number one marketing asset — your website — to foster 1:1 conversations with your buyer.

Smart Content allows you to segment your users and target them with messaging that is relevant to their stage in the buyer’s journey. More powerful than static content, Smart Content uses valuable data from your Connections to dynamically align messaging to each of your defined data groups. Whether it’s expressed interest in products or solutions through keyword searches and referral URLs, known attributes from third-party data sources, or previous engagement with key resources on your website, we leverage your data to implement your personalization strategy.