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“Content Management Systems are the new Ad Network Systems”

“In a recent speech, Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL declared “Content Management Systems are the new Ad Network Systems”. What he meant was the ability to deliver targeted content to small but receptive audiences was far more compelling to a business than using an ad network and hoping to hit your niche market. Content rules everything these days and if your business isn’t offering compelling content then you’ve got issues.” Excerpt from http://frombogotawithlove.com/?p=2500

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ESPNRadio.com Now Has 420,000 unique listeners per month

And some of them are geo-targeted so listeners can benefit from ESPN’s subject matter expertise and get local sports content. We’ve recently been talking about the possibility of newspapers using targeted content on their websites as a strategic move to raise the value of the site’s visitors to advertisers. Simply put, a more targeted site visitor is more valuable because you can also better match ads to them. This example of ESPN going into local sports reporting with targeted content is not good news for the newspapers because local sports is one thing they still have a good grip onContinue Reading »

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