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Audience Segmentation

How (and Why) to Create a Content Map

It’s 2015, you know you need a lot of content –  right? Of course you do. We’ve all been hearing … Continued


The Tale of Too Many Choices

I just got back from the grocery store and now I think I’ve seen everything. I don’t know about you, … Continued

Content Marketing

Stuck in a Rut? A Few Tips for Brainstorming Your Next Content Asset

We’ve written before about how we think most marketers should step off the content treadmill and focus on creating high … Continued

Content Marketing

The Language of Content Marketing

Many industries or professions eventually evolve a language all their own. Doctors and lawyers, for instance, throw out words and … Continued

Conversion Rate Optimization

Is Your Content Striking Out? Look for These Signs

It’s nearing the most exciting time of the year at least for my family (and about a million other San … Continued

Content Marketing

6 Handy Tools for Content Marketers

Of course, we believe that Get Smart Content offers the most robust and effective solution for the delivery of personalized … Continued

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