Relevant Content and what Marketers can Learn from Fishermen

Fishermen (and women) can always conjure up a story about the one that got away.  It famously gets bigger with each telling of the tale.  Marketers also talk about the ones that got away.  They are the website visitors who don’t convert.  They are “bounces” or “unsubscribes.”  For most of us, far more get away than jump in the boat.  We’ve built a beautiful website with tons of good content, but only a small percentage of visitors tug on the line.  Let’s think about why that might be. To Catch a Fish, You Need the Right Bait Sometime in theContinue Reading »

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The 6 Secrets to Content Personalization

Content Personalization

Now, more than ever, customers are looking for more personalized content when they visit a website. They want to know how your business can fulfill a need they have, or even a need they never knew they had. That's where content personalization comes in. Today, we're sharing the six secrets to content personalization in an effort to help you effectively reach more customers and grow your business.

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