The Marketers Guide to the Social Media Galaxy [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media blurb

Ninety-three percent of marketers use social media for business. It's time to start leveraging social to the fullest extent. Consumer engagement with social platforms is one of the best ways to determine what your consumers are looking for from your brand. Connect their social experience with your company to the landing pages of your website. Get Smart Content helps make the connection by allowing marketers to personalize website content based on the social media post that brought visitors to the website.

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Decoding Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language magnifying glass

Every interaction a visitor has online, implies the visitor's interests, needs and intent. There is a wealth of untapped, self-defined data available to marketers to improve their digital interactions with visitors. The challenge? Marketers continue to utilize one-size-fits all web content, ignoring the digital body language of their visitors.

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#ETCafe: Seamless Cross-Channel Customer Experiences


This week's #ETCafe focused on ways to create seamless cross-channel customer experiences. We were excited to have our Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Megan Neely, was featured as a featured author and leading contributor. In case you missed this week's virtual conversation with dynamic interactive marketing professionals, we've compiled the best insights:

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