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Audience Segmentation

The Importance of Persona Based Marketing

I don’t know who said it first, but one of my favorite sayings about marketing is, “Good marketing is done … Continued


Top 10 Reasons to Get Website Personalization Software

With last week’s retirement of David Letterman from late night TV, we thought we’d pay tribute with a Top 10 … Continued

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How Behavioral Targeting Increases Website Conversion Rates

When I first heard the term “behavioral targeting,” I thought it sounded more like something that should be used by … Continued

Audience Segmentation

From Fundamentals to Excellence – The 3 Stages of Content Optimization

While watching an NBA playoff game the other day, it dawned on me that basketball players at this level are … Continued

Content Marketing

Mobilegeddon – Are You Ready for the Google Mobile Friendly Update?

New Google Algorithm Rewards Mobile-Friendly Sites Google has begun the release of a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that’s designed to favor … Continued


Is Your Website Boring? How to Find Out and How to Fix It.

Uninteresting, dull, dreary, and uninspiring are not the words you’d want used to describe your website.  They’re all synonyms of … Continued

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