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Content Marketing

16 of the Most Awesome Content Marketing Quotes Ever

Ever had one of those days when you feel like your enthusiasm for content marketing has hit a wall? Don’t … Continued

Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Reasons People Leave Your Website before They Convert

You’ve invested in paid search advertising. You’ve practiced effective SEO and rank well organically. You have killer display ads in … Continued

Audience Segmentation

31 Flavors of Website Content

When my daughter comes home from college to visit, we still try to make a trip together to the ice … Continued

Audience Segmentation

Persona Based Marketing: A Lesson from Dad

Father’s Day is coming right up and seeing all of the “Dad’s and Grads” greeting cards at the store reminded … Continued


What Digital Marketers Can Learn from Offline Advertisers

One of my favorite actors on Saturday Night Live was Phil Hartman.  He did a character called Frozen Caveman Lawyer … Continued

Audience Segmentation

The Importance of Persona Based Marketing

I don’t know who said it first, but one of my favorite sayings about marketing is, “Good marketing is done … Continued

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