3 Tips to Capture Missed Lead Opportunities


Today’s buyers are educated and know how to get access to the resources they need to research and make purchase decision. This means marketers have to be extremely proactive in their marketing efforts, providing the resources and tools across each of the channels that buyers use to make their decisions. The Solution? Marketers need to ensure content is relevant to the individual at each and every touch point.

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“Smart” Content is King: Why Chicago Ventures Invested in Get Smart Content


“Smart” content is the new king of the digital jungle. For the B2B marketer, delivering relevant content to the right audience at the right time has become critical. As IT budget shifts away from the CIO, the CMO is stockpiling A/B testing, website optimization, and marketing automation tools into their newfound marketing war chest; however, time after time marketers fail to capitalize on their most effective customer touch point; the website.

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[Webinar] Web Conversion Optimization: Aligning Content to the Buyer’s Needs

Conversion Optimization Webinar

In this webinar, Tory Upchurch, Get Smart Content VP of Sales and Customer Operations and Matt Papertsian, Sirius Decisions Demand Creation Strategies Research Director will demonstrate how to drive demand in a customer-driven sales cycle by developing an integrated online marketing strategy that uses buyer and visitor intelligence to increase engagement and maximize ROI.

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