10 Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

How many times have you gone to a website, not liked what you saw, and clicked the back button as fast as possible? This happens all too frequently and results in a higher bounce rate and a lost potential conversion. What’s the solution? Try new things! Here are 10 ways to optimize your website to increase your conversion rate.

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TAG! You’re Personalized!

Tag! You're Personalized

Get Smart Content has just unveiled a new tool that takes a huge leap forward in solving that age-old marketing question, “How do we measure and improve social ROI?” This new Social Tag capability allows marketers to place a unique identifier on any URL and use Get Smart Content to customize their website to match the post’s content.

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How to Create a Customer-Oriented Website

Customer-Oriented Website

Too frequently companies’ websites tend to be self-focused, rather than customer-centric. Due to the average visitor’s short attention span, simply bragging about product attributes will drive them away. It is necessary to make a website as customer-focused as possible in order to keep them on your site, educate them about your product, and convert them to a sale.

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