Professional Development: Learn to Leverage Targeted Content

Jim Eustace spoke this past weekend at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center on how targeted content can be used by communication professionals as they try to engage a broad audience online but know that individual preferences and interests are what motivate people to take action. Some highlights: Define what action you want your site visitors to take. You can then use your existing analytics to create simple profiles of your website visitors. Write some basic calls to action and get started by testing. Learn what works and iterate. We received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter andContinue Reading »

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Great Targeted Content Post for Marketers

I’ve not seen a better explanation of the value of targeted content to marketers than Wesley Picotte of the interactive firm White Horse offers in this post entitled The untapped potential of dynamic landing pages. He focuses specifically on landing pages, where you should know more about your visitors because you drove them to that page, but the value in the post is the clearly explained value of providing the right content and call to action to the right visitor and his guidelines that any experienced marketer can benefit from. Since I said I could not say it any better…checkContinue Reading »

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“The future…it’’s baked into everything that we do – content and advertising.”

In this video of Jeff Hirsch, founder of behavioral targeting firm, Audience Science talks about his view of the future behavioral targeting in advertising. His video at the start contains projections about the use of behavioral targeting and, of course, I appreciate that toward the end in the Q&A he gets to the logical extension that behavioral targeting is equally relevant to content.

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