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Audience Segmentation

Nurture Bey-ond email to accelerate pipeline

Ahhhh, the email nurture series. This utopian view of a prospect downloading a marketing asset, engaging with the content, waiting … Continued

Travel and Tourism

Digital Travel Trends to Know Now

Travel marketing efforts have to be as dynamic as their destination. Every destination has its monuments, attractions, and unique activities … Continued

Account-Based Marketing

M-Files Cuts Through Hype to Partner with ABM Activator Get Smart Content

Last year M-Files, a global enterprise content management (ECM) company, decided it was time to learn more about the hot … Continued

Audience Segmentation

Audience Insights Shed Light on the Mariana Trench of Webpages

Some webpages are just buried so deep–Mariana Trench deep–in a corporate website that it can be hard to imagine the … Continued

Account-Based Marketing

GE Power’s ABM Success Fueled by Personalization

GE Power’s account-based marketing program should be an inspiration for all of us marketers. The company has invested in unique content hubs … Continued


Five Ways to Personalize for Anonymous Visitors

As marketers, we invest a lot of time, money, and effort into making our websites the best one-stop shop for … Continued

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