Is Your Website Boring? How to Find Out and How to Fix It.

Uninteresting, dull, dreary, and uninspiring are not the words you’d want used to describe your website.  They’re all synonyms of boring, which has to be one of the worst insults one can fling at  People probably won’t tell you to your face that your website is boring, but their behavior will give you some clues. Your website might be boring if: You have a high bounce rate. Your marketing is effective enough to get someone to come to your site but they look at only one page and bolt. Visitors don’t hang out very long. You may be ableContinue Reading »

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Report Reveals what B2B Buyers Want from Your Website

In their annual survey, Huff Industrial Marketing and KoMarketing Associates explored how buyers evaluate vendor websites, what content is critical to the buying process, and how the various types of content marketing assets impact the B2B buyer’s journey. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in October and November 2014 among 262 professionals, mostly in the United States, who are responsible for, or influence, B2B purchase decisions. The entire report is remarkable, but we thought we’d share some of the key takeaways we found most of interest. What Buyers Want From a Home Page The home page ofContinue Reading »

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Website Personalization Questions That Aren’t Asked Frequently Enough

As you can tell if you’ve been reading this blog, we enjoy a good FAQ post now and then. We chat with people who are looking to empower their website with personalized content all the time, so we know what they ask most frequently. However, there are some questions that we don’t hear often enough. If you are evaluating website personalization solutions, keep this list in mind when chatting with potential vendors. Can you leverage data in my marketing automation or CRM system? The power of personalization comes from using what you know about your website visitors to deliver aContinue Reading »

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The Impact of Personalization – The Experts Weigh In

Readers of this blog know that we believe that website personalization is the key to improving almost every measure of website effectiveness. The data shows that a dynamic experience with content that is specifically relevant to every visitor improves conversion rates, decreases bounce rates and speeds sales cycles. As you can probably tell from your own time online, we aren’t the only ones who think so. Personalization is becoming increasingly ubiquitous for consumer and business to business sites a like. That’s why industry experts and analysts are paying careful attention to the practice. Here are some excerpts. Gartner “Personalization enablesContinue Reading »

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Dynamic Website Content Frequently Asked Questions

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with a whole crowd of digital marketers at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experiences in Las Vegas. The event was a huge success and, we think it’s safe to say, most attendees came away with new ideas about how to take their marketing efforts to the next level. While we were there, we had some great conversations with marketers who are starting to explore how dynamic content might make their website more effective. We’d like to share some of the questions we were frequently asked. What is dynamic or “smart” content? The termsContinue Reading »

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