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Audience Segmentation

How well do you really know your web audience? Does it matter?

Effective personalization is all about understanding your customers from many angles – not just knowing one or two things about … Continued


Marketing is Missing a Handshake

A friend of mine, Jon Pafk, told me a story about his father-in-law who owned a successful ranch feed business. … Continued


Don’t Leave Your Website Redesign to Chance

Marketers are constantly searching for new and unique ways to engage and win over their target audience. If you’re reading … Continued


SiriusDecisions Swiftly Approaches…

What do Taylor Swift and SiriusDecisions have in common? No, unfortunately she will not be performing at the Summit. Forgive … Continued


Marketing Nation: Booths in the Engagement Economy

The Marketing Nation Summit was all about “engagement” this year – and the booth experiences on the tradeshow floor did … Continued

Account-Based Marketing

Should You Get Your MBA or Your ABM?

Last week, I was reading yet another ABM (Account-Based Marketing) article when I placed my phone down next to a … Continued

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