Many Websites Suffer from Least Common Denominator Syndrome

Forgive me for the fourth grade math lesson, but just in case you’ve forgotten, in math, the least or lowest common denominator is the smallest integer that is exactly divisible by each denominator of a set of fractions.  For example, the least common denominator of 2/3 and 3/4 is 12. This is useful because it is difficult to preform operations on fractions with different denominators. Once the fractions are standardized with a single common denominator, they can be more easily manipulated because they are alike. The term least common denominator has another use. It also means, “The most basic, leastContinue Reading »

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Check Out the Periodic Table of Content Marketing [Graphic]

Once in a while, you come across an idea so good, you say, “That’s genius, I wish I had thought of it!.” Well, our hats are off to Chris Lake, director of product development at Econsultancy, for having just such an idea. Chris has created a graphic that lays out the most important elements of content marketing in the form of a periodic table and it is brilliant! The “elements” are ordered into groups that represent the fundamentals of content marketing: Strategy Format Content Type Platform Metrics Goals Sharing Triggers Checklist This really useful because sometimes it is tempting toContinue Reading »

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It’s 2015, Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone has only been around since 2007. It, along with a host of other mobile technologies have changed the way we function in both our personal and business lives. It is difficult to wrap your head around it, but there are 7.3 billion mobile devices on earth, yet only 7 billion people. More internet searches are now done on mobile devices than PCs. If you haven’t considered your strategy for optimizing your website for mobile, it’s time. Many marketers have taken the necessary first step by ensuring that their website is responsive so that itContinue Reading »

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Overcoming the 3 Most Common Obstacles to Website Personalization

I just came across an article by the Content Marketing Institute called, “The Static Website is Dead – Long Live Personalized Content.” It was written in 2012. Given that there are still a lot of static websites out there, the death pronouncement may have been a bit premature, but that isn’t because marketers aren’t trying.  In fact, research firm Econsultancy reports that, 94% of in-house marketers agree that website personalization is critical to current and future success. So, what’s the hang up? The marketers we speak to have reported a few common roadblocks to website personalization projects. Let’s take aContinue Reading »

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6 Landing Page Tips for the 6 Second Attention Span

Although researchers disagree on the exact number of seconds a visitor will hang out on your landing page before deciding whether they’ve come to the right place, most put it somewhere around 6 seconds. Even the most generous estimates have your visitor’s attention span right below that of a goldfish. You can have a beautifully crafted message and a compelling offer, but if your visitor can’t recognize that you have something of interest to say almost immediately the game is lost. Please don’t despair. There are a few simple things you can do to grab your visitor’s attention and improve your landingContinue Reading »

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