Get Smart Content is headed to Las Vegas for Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experiences

We love taking the show on the road, and there are a lot of great reasons to go to Vegas, but we must say, we are super excited about participating in Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experiences event at the Venetian Las Vegas March 31 – April 2. We hope you’ll join us. What to Expect The Modern Marketing Experience is an event designed to help you learn more about the strategies and tactics necessary to succeed with today’s marketing tactics and tools in your organization. The rich content covers a variety of subjects including automation, social marketing, content marketing and bigContinue Reading »

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What to Look for in a Personalized Content Software

When marketers look back at 2015, it is likely to be remembered as the year that personalized content became ubiquitous. Not only have consumer websites gone hog wild with personalization, business to business marketers are increasingly leveraging its potential to create a more relevant, conversion friendly website experience. Not surprisingly many technologies have been developed to help support this effort. There are a range of features and implementation methods available, but there are some core functionalities that should be considered essential for any solution worth your investment. Here are a few things to look for when you evaluate personalized contentContinue Reading »

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Awesome Free (or Super Cheap) Resources for Content Marketers

It’s pretty amazing to think that just five or so years ago, content marketing wasn’t really even a thing. Now content marketing is central to most B2B and consumer marketing strategies. Given that, it’s not surprising that there are a host of resources being created to help make digital marketer’s jobs easier. But, if you don’t have time to check out and evaluate resources to help you generate content while you are busy generating content, we don’t blame you. We thought it might be helpful to share a few of the resources for content marketers that we love. Buzzsumo BuzzsumoContinue Reading »

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The Content Relevance Sweet Spot

Marketers and sales people get paid to help companies sell products. So it isn’t surprising that our natural inclination is to write about, and talk about all of the great things our products can do for customers. Most of us are lucky to have products that can help a bunch of different customers is a bunch of different ways. The problem is, our prospects don’t care about how we can help anyone except companies like theirs with needs and problems like theirs. This doesn’t mean your prospects are selfish, it means they are efficient. They focus on what is relevantContinue Reading »

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Many Websites Suffer from Least Common Denominator Syndrome

Forgive me for the fourth grade math lesson, but just in case you’ve forgotten, in math, the least or lowest common denominator is the smallest integer that is exactly divisible by each denominator of a set of fractions.  For example, the least common denominator of 2/3 and 3/4 is 12. This is useful because it is difficult to perform operations on fractions with different denominators. Once the fractions are standardized with a single common denominator, they can be more easily manipulated because they are alike. The term least common denominator has another use. It also means, “The most basic, leastContinue Reading »

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