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You already know that your website is your most valuable marketing asset. You work hard to drive traffic there, but when the one-size-fits-all messages don’t resonate with your visitors they bounce and sales are lost. It’s time to move personalization from your radar to your roadmap and finally to your website where you can activate your web channel.

With Get Smart Content, you quickly and easily turn your static website into a persona-driven tool that empowers your website to speak to buyers in different stages of the buying process — all with little to no IT involvement.

Our Clients See Immediate Impact

On average, when website visitors see targeted content, you can expect a:


Increase in form submissions


Increase in time on site


Decrease in bounce rate

"When you make marketing technology investments to collect data about prospects and customers, you have an obligation to provide personalized content to them."

- Glenn Gow, CEO, Crimson Marketing

What's the Hesitation?


We don't have the resources.

So, your team is fully booked. Yet you must work to quickly move your visitors along in the buyer’s journey. Let us become an extension of your team. From segmentation strategy to content creation to reporting, we’ve got your back.

We don't have the budget.

Budgets can be tight. You need investments that return your money, fast. That’s why we focus on 90 days to train, analyze and deploy - helping you see the results of segmented, personalized and targeted content in a very short time frame.

We don't have the content.

Even a basic integration of Smart Content makes a big difference. The simplest launch campaign focused only on your most important user segments and using only 3 to 5 pieces of content moves the demand gen needle in substantial ways.

We want to redesign our website.

Smart Content is easy to deploy and improves your existing website immediately. Implementation aids in data collection and analysis that informs your page layout, user experience, and content strategies for your new website.

We've heard and helped marketing teams from around the globe overcome every challenge. We not only provide an easy-to-use platform built specifically for marketers, but we offer the professional services (including segmentation strategy and content development) and world-class onboarding and support that turn around your site performance in a matter of weeks.

So bring us your toughest challenge and we'll share with you how we can help you solve the problem and activate your web channel. The bottom line is, if you need us, we'll be with you every step of the way.

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