Your Website is Your #1 Marketing Asset

74% of B2B buyers told Forrester they research half or more of their work purchases online.

Your Buyers Crave Relevant Customer Experiences

According to Janrain, 74% of consumers get frustrated with content, offers, and ads irrelevant to them. With consumers now conducting a majority of their own product research online, it’s never been more critical to create targeted website experiences.

Here’s an example of what personalization could look like for you.

Non-Targeted Content
Prior to using Get Smart Content, all of Thunderbird's website visitors were served a generic slider with five distinct messages on the homepage. From brand messaging to investor relations, Thunderbird struggled with serving relevant, targeted content and was forced to create a one-size-fits-all experience.
Apparel Manufacturer
Annie works for an apparel company and is researching precision weavers in anticipation of a new line. She reaches Thunderbird’s site and firmographic data identifies her as part of the apparel industry.

As a first time visitor to the site, Annie sees content and products relevant to her industry before she’s identified herself.
Automotive Executive
Andrew has worked in automotive manufacturing for years and recently had some of his equipment break. Since it’s a substantial expense, he’s concerned about buying something flimsy that will land him in the same position.

When he hit Thunderbird’s site, he sees relevant messaging for his exact needs because firmographic data identifies him as part of the automotive industry.
Beverage Packaging Supplier
Billy manufactures an array of packaging, but aluminum cans are the bulk of his work since he’s in the beverage industry. He knows more precise cutters will mean less leftovers and increase his margins.

As he’s researching alternatives, he finds Thunderbird’s site and seea prominent messaging about their precision. Through the integration with Demandbase, Thunderbird was able to serve him the right content for his industry.
Targeting Content by Industry
Targeting Content by Industry
Targeting Content by Industry
Targeting Content by Industry
Non-Targeted Content
Outdoor Enthusiast
Claire and Teddy
Engaged Couple
Non-Targeted Content
Anonymous Visitor
Webinar Registrant
Sales Qualified Lead
Non-Targeted Content
Extreme Skier
Executive Event Manager
Social Media Fan

Fastest Implementation

Our lightweight technology allows you to create dynamic content on any owned assets in less than 30 days. No customized, complicated IT implementation required!

Flexible and Scalable

We provide a flexible platform to get your content campaigns up and running quickly and it’s able to grow as you grow — across your website and across your channels.

Third-Party Integrations

We partner with the industry’s best marketing platforms and data providers, allowing you to utilize your customer and prospect data to increase the effectiveness of your content across all channels.

Strategic Planning and Services

Our experienced team is well-versed in personalization best practices. Whether you need segmentation strategy, content development, or complete program support, we deliver.

Our Innovative Customers Take a Data-driven Approach to Website Personalization

Get Smart Content is the connector that ties all our marketing data together and transformed our website from a static repository of content to a nurturing engine. It’s a key part of how we’re thinking about our marketing stack and how we accelerate prospects through the funnel.